The Legendary Nike Magista Obra FG Soccer Cleat

by Charlotte
magista obra 2 in play

The soccer world was turned upside down in 2014 with the release of Nike’s revolutionary Magista Obra FG cleat. This innovative boot completely changed the way soccer cleats were designed and brought technology on the pitch to a whole new level. Even years after its initial launch, the Magista Obra remains one of the most iconic soccer cleats of all time.

A Revolutionary Concept

Prior to 2014, soccer cleat design had remained relatively unchanged for decades. The Magista Obra threw convention out the window with its distinctive mid-cut collar and Flyknit upper construction. Nike described it as a “second-skin fit” that allowed for unrivaled lockdown and control of the ball.

The mid-cut collar hugged the ankle securely and prevented the foot from sliding around inside the boot. Meanwhile, the one-piece Flyknit upper provided a flexible yet supportive fit that molded perfectly to the foot shape of each individual player. This was a huge change from traditional leather or synthetic uppers.

Nike also introduced a ground-breaking new outsole with the Magista Obra FG. The articulated NIKESKIN spitfire chassis offered optimal traction and flexibility, especially in the forefoot. Conical studs provided supreme grip for quick changes of direction and acceleration.

Striking Visual Design

In addition to its performance benefits, the Magista Obra was a real head-turner on the pitch. The mid-cut collar and distinctive knit patterns made it instantly recognizable. Nike offered the boot in vibrant Volt/Black/Hyper Punch and Stealth/Total Orange/Blackout colorways.

The dynamic fit collar was padded for comfort and elasticated for easy entry. When pulled up and worn during play, it created striking visual lines and contours. The Magista Obra looked like nothing else and certainly announced itself on the field.

Debut on the Biggest Stage

Nike shrewdly launched the Magista Obra at the perfect time – just before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. They made sure that the boot would be worn by some of the best players in the tournament.

The Magista Obra’s debut couldn’t have come on a bigger stage. Superstars like Andres Iniesta and Neymar laced them up in Brazil, while countless more pros began wearing them when club seasons kicked off again.

This brilliant marketing strategy ensured that the Magista Obra became instantly recognizable. Fans couldn’t help but notice these revolutionary boots at the World Cup. The Magista Obra became iconic in record time.

A Lasting Legacy

The Magista Obra changed the trajectory of soccer cleat design. It forced other brands to rethink their approach and adopt knitted collars and uppers. The Obra’s success paved the way for other Nike launches like the Mercurial Superfly and Hypervenom Phantom.

Although the Magista line has continued to evolve over the years, the original Obra still holds legendary status. Its combination of flexibility, lockdown, and traction remains unmatched. The Obra proved that innovation could completely redefine expectations of what a soccer cleat could offer.

Nearly a decade after its release, the Magista Obra still has a place in the hearts of many players. It is sure to be remembered as one of the most legendary boots of all time. The Magista Obra FG really did change the game.

Anatomical Fit

The Magista Obra’s anatomical fit was achieved through groundbreaking construction. The upper was made from Nike’s Flyknit material, which originated in the running world. Flyknit consists of knitted polyester that creates a seamless, sock-like feel.

Nike applied this technology to soccer for the first time with the Obra. Flywire cables were incorporated into the Flyknit to provide support and lock the foot in place. This allowed the material to mold perfectly to the wearer’s foot shape.

The Obra’s mid-cut collar was designed to hug the ankle securely to enhance touch and control. Altogether, the Magista Obra provided a fit that no other cleat could match in its time.

Sensational Touch on the Ball

The Magista Obra’s anatomical fit wasn’t just for show – it provided real performance benefits on the pitch. The Obra allowed for a barefoot feel on the ball thanks to the thin layer of Flyknit over the foot.

Nike’s ACC (All Conditions Control) technology was also embedded into the upper. This provided optimal grip in all weather conditions. The Obra offered sensational touch and control in the rain or heat.

Meanwhile, the mid-cut collar padded the ankle bone for comfort and helped lock the foot in place. This stopped the foot sliding around inside the boot and stabilized touch on the ball. The Obra’s fit allowed players to manipulate the ball with their feet effortlessly.

Traction and Maneuverability

While the Magista Obra’s upper got all the initial attention, the outsole was also highly innovative. The uniquely engineered plate featured conical studs and NIKESKIN traction technology – both geared towards improving maneuverability.

The conical studs were positioned for quick release from the turf. Combined with the forefoot flexibility, this allowed swift changes of direction and acceleration. Players wearing the Obra could turn and move without hesitation.

A split toe design enhanced the Obra’s already supreme traction. The Obra provided elite grip for planting the foot and pushing off again in quick succession. Defenders simply couldn’t keep up with the moves of attacking players in these cleats.

Magista Obra II Evolution

In early 2016, Nike released the first major update to their game-changing model with the Magista Obra II. This second generation Obra retained the same mid-cut collar and anatomical fit but with some tweaks.

The upper now featured a raised texture known as NIKESKIN for amplified control. A contoured speed rib provided a more locked down fit through quick cuts and sprints.

The Obra II stud configuration was also optimized for greater ground penetration and release on turf surfaces. Nike evolved the Obra without losing the elements that made it truly unique.

Customization With ACC

When the Magista Obra hit the market, Nike offered an ACC version and non-ACC version. The ACC (All Conditions Control) version came equipped with the ground-breaking grip technology to enhance touch in all weather conditions.

But Nike took things even further by allowing ACC customization. Players could take the standard Obra and get it customized with ACC at Nike stores. This allowed pros to adapt the boots as needed between rainy and dry conditions.

Adding ACC provided consistent control in wet and cold conditions through specialized dots on the upper. The customization program demonstrated Nike’s commitment to adaptability with the Magista line.


Even years after its initial release, the Nike Magista Obra still holds mythic status among soccer enthusiasts. Its anatomical fit and innovative construction took the soccer world by storm. By combining flexibility, lockdown, and unmatched feel, the Obra changed the game forever.

The Magista Obra launched a legacy that redefined expectations of soccer cleats. It serves as an iconic reminder that innovation always has the potential to shake up the status quo. Nike took a bold risk that paid off big time, cementing the Magista Obra’s place in boot folklore.

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